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Amor de mis Amores

Amor de mis Amores

By Lana Nasser

The natural world expresses its beauty through color. Yielded from the earth, the colorful forces of foliage and flowers have inspired the works of musicians and artists for centuries.

Fruit, the consumable product of flowers*, exhibit striking colors found in the monumental works of artists like Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo.

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo is renowned for her self-portraits, thematic works of pain and passion, and her use of bold, vibrant colors inspired by nature**. Kahlo’s signature look was highly symbolic of her love for and connection with her hometown of Coyoacan, on the outskirts of Mexico city. Her powerful eyebrows, embroidered dresses and braided hair adorned with flowers were all reflective of the artist’s admiration for Mexico’s rich culture and history. The flowers and foliage often seen in Kahlo’s self-portraits were picked from her garden in Casa Azul, where she spent most her life.

La Casa Azul

The Casa Azul, or Blue House, was the home that Kahlo shared with the amor of her amores, muralist Diego Rivera. There they collected Mexican art and antiques, transformed the garden and decorated with colors that reflected vibrancies of rich Mexican history and native plants surrounding them.

The kiss of Frida

neutral7's creative director and founder, Albey Coronel, who's heritage is also directly linked to Mexico City, recently visited La Casa Azul. Touched by the love and tumultuous nature of Kahlo and Rivera’s relationship, Albey felt inclined to share the experience through a photography project and create an aesthetic with a nod to their shared heritage and stunning colors found in the area. 

"When Home Magazine approached us to design a spread for the food issue, the first thing that came to mind was color, and lots of it. Food is diversity in every form you can think possible. It's adventurous and always evolving. The best form of bold color can be found in fruit and flowers, and once this idea was established the missing elements to connect the dots was Frida. At this point our spread began to take a natural creative course"  - Albey  

Frida Sticky Tiles

Ideas for neutral7’s recent Kahlo-inspired photoshoot also has a soundtrack of inspiration.

"I've always been inspired by an opposite side of creativity. The other side of the table. Music is a huge inspiration for me in visual design and vice versa. Sometimes the soundscapes may help create a visual interpretation of a scene, other times it's more direct. In this case, I was inspired by the album sleeve of Mexican singer and songwriter Caloncho's Fruta. Not a huge stretch here"   - Albey

Image source:

Image source:

Drawing from Kahlo’s pallette, Caloncho also looked to the vibrancy of fruit as fuel for his summer-ready album, Fruta. The tracks evoke ideas of sandy beaches, tropical foliage and blooming flowers. Listen our Amor de Mis Amores playlist while you check out the full spread for the ultimate experience.  



*(, **(Frida Kahlo).

New year, new palette

New year, new palette

neutral7 design group has been serving the North Florida area in graphic design, branding and print production for over 10 years. In that time, the aesthetic of the n7 brand has remained relatively consistent. With a simple palette of green, black and gray, the look has varied little over the years.
To celebrate a decade in business, we recently updated our brand identity. The goal is to reflect our passion for creative work, the diversity of our staff, and our unique efficiencies as an agency. We wanted to evolve, not change, retaining a familiar feel while creating a look that’s new and refreshing.

The focal point of the new logo is the lime green heart icon which has been present in materials throughout the history of the company in various forms. The heart embodies the spirit of our company vision:

Our passion is driven by the desire and commitment to help people achieve success in their journey to live better lives, live in a better world and share the joy of life with others.

White space is utilized heavily in the new brand alongside seven distinct color swatches signifying the multitude of products and services neutral7 offers. This gives an open and “airy” feeling to the materials and takes the focus from any one color in particular. This is especially helpful when presenting clients with a new design, as it allows us to make their materials the central focus. 

With a new, wider color palette and streamlined logo, we set out to develop a suite of materials to accompany these assets. We started from the ground-up, creating a collateral package centered around the colorful palette.

Alongside our printed materials, we created a new website to showcase our work, give voice to our company culture, and provide information regarding our products and services. Our web presence is driven by the palette, using color selectively to signify different sections of the site. We carried the same use of white space to bring in an element of clean, minimal design.

The interior design of the shop is heavily influenced by the assets established in the new brand. Our new space features huge, vaulted ceilings atop white textured brick walls. Naturally, we’ve used the huge white space as a canvas for colorful and inspiring artwork. This echoes the white-to-color balance seen in our collateral and other materials.


Warmer Winters Collection

Warmer Winters Collection

With the slightest shift to cooler weather, we run out to sport our newly inspired layers.

Sooner than later however, the perpetual heat springs back into action giving us eighty-degree holiday gatherings. This brings the opportunity to jump start upcoming warmer looks in the months to come. A warmer winter at a Gainesville mid-century modern home served as the backdrop for our recent Gainesville Fashion Week photo shoot.

Pictured Products:   Camo Flora Wall Mural

Pictured Products:  Camo Flora Wall Mural

The fashion spread featured in the December/January issue of HOME Magazine highlights the launch of our new collection shop featuring ready-to-go interior design products. Cozy fur textures and lush green plant patterns meet vivid pops of color in our Warmer Winters inspired collection.

We wanted to make some of our favorite interior design products accessible for everyone. Our shop collection features wall murals, decals, art prints, and wall hangings. Take a peek at the Warmer Winters collection and then check out the rest of our new interior products!

Art Direction & Styling: Albey Coronel
Design: Rick Bales
Photography: Bobby Foxx
Featured Home: Gutierrez-Perez Residence @ University Park
Hair & Make-up: Emily Claire
Models: Lana Nasser, Tracy Bird Crawford, Trajmah Cole, Gabriel Linn
"Algerian Ivy Green Wall" texture courtesy of Rode Groundcovers



Sacred Geometry, Artwalk, and 352Creates

Sacred Geometry, Artwalk, and 352Creates

We have been at our new shop on South Main for a couple of months now and we are finally getting settled. After weeks of rearranging our furniture (and building some new stuff), we now feel at home in our new space. We have had a chance to explore the neighborhood (YAY! We can walk to Starbucks and Daily Green!) and we cannot be happier with our new surroundings. 

As sort of a kick off to more good things to come, we put on an art show as part of Artwalk Gainesville and 352Creates on February 26th. "Sacred Geometry: The Language of the Universe" consisted of artwork created and produced by our own team and also featured a few live painting demonstrations. We utilized our in-house production capabilities to quickly produce all the pieces for the show. Some materials that we used included acrylic panels, cut color vinyl, and stretched canvas prints. Our neighbors LEJ Pretzels offered tasty treats and Rabble Housers also had an open house on the same night.

Drishti - Rachel Smith  |  (Stretched Canvas Print)

Ontogenesis - Rick Bales  |  (Metal Print Series)

Hubble Deep Field - Albert Coronel  |  (Layered Acrylic Print)

Evolution Of Sense - Rick Bales  |  (Layered Acrylic Print)

Male/Female - Albert Coronel  |  (Stretched Canvas Print)

The Division - Rick Bales  |  (Stretched Canvas Print)

We are so excited to be a part of the growing community on South Main and we cannot wait to observe and participate in the continued development and rejuvenation of the area. We’ll be hosting more events soon, so please check out our facebook to stay posted on upcoming events!

Cultivating Creativity Part 2: The N7 idea box and the center table

Cultivating Creativity Part 2: The N7 idea box and the center table

Interior Design and Production: Designing a space for creative inspiration. 
When we had the space and opportunity to add a "living room" scenario to our office, of course we decided to jazz up it up. We call it the "idea box". In this room we chit chat during brainstorming sessions for strategy and creative, have lunch, watch documentaries, research, youtube, work, meet with clients, etc. One of the most interesting things we've noticed is that when we invite our clients to meet in this area, they are a lot more comfortable and relaxed. A few months ago we experimented with pitching our ideas there, in the place where they're born, and its been fantastic! 

neutral7 graphic design gainesville custom fabrication project
neutral7 graphic design gainesville custom fabrication project

We have many ideas for the idea box, so the room itself has become an ongoing series of projects. We work on these projects on-and-off depending on how busy we are, which is a challenge most of the time. Our clients' deadlines are always on top of the list, hence our own internal projects sometimes drag, but certainly keep moving forward. And nevertheless, we complete them! One of these projects is the center table for our N7 Idea Box. I want this space to be a place where if you find yourself sitting-in as a client, you feel like you're in the middle of the creative magic. I made a light box coffee table a long time ago for my living room and got rid of it over the years… but I've always wanted to make another one. So we decided to make our coffee table an exaggeration of the one I made a while back. 

neutral7 graphic design gainesville custom fabrication project acrylic backlit led's table

Jimbo recently completed a 3D mapping sculpture in the beginning of this year that was way more complicated and beautiful so he's the man on this table. He suggested the LED's versus halogen light bulbs, he's also covering the structural design in case we ever decide to dance on it. As of today the center table is still a work in progress (along with the Idea Box itself). The table is still missing the brushed gold addition shown in the sketches. But here are some pictures so far… we are looking foward to sharing a bit more on the progress of this project soon. It takes passionate, hard work to cultivate creativity.

Finished Table!

Finished Table!

Want to see more of what we are doing? Follow us on instagram!

This post was originally published on Tuesday, September 17, 2013.

Jimbo makes an animated sculpture!

Jimbo makes an animated sculpture!

Personal Project: Projection Mapping by James Rountree

We'd like to share a recent project crafted and completed by our Lead Production Manager Jimbo Rountree, as part of our Cultivating Creativity Series. Through curious clicks on random projects creatives share online, Jimbo came across projection mapping projects and became fascinated by them. 
Projection Mapping, also known as Video Mapping, is a projection technology used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection. These objects may be complex industrial landscapes, such as buildings. By using specialized software, a two or three dimensional object is spatially mapped on the virtual program which mimics the real environment it is to be projected on. This way, the computer knows exactly where to project its information as it can bend and highlight any shape or form. Almost any surface can be used to 'become a dynamic video display of 2D and 3D images that can transform what is reality for the audience into illusions and images of infinite possibilities'. Using this information, the software can interact with a projector to fit any desired image onto the surface of that object. This technique is used by artists and advertisers alike to add extra dimensions, optical illusions, and notions of movement onto previously static objects. The video is commonly combined with, or triggered by, audio to create an audio-visual narrative.*
After looking at some projects Jimbo decided to give it a shot and take on a simple box project. He researched the software to use, built a simple cube, created a simple animation and tested it. "I didn't think it was going to work"  he says, but before he knew it the simple cube was mapped with an animation. After this success he was so excited he decided to build a more complex sculpture for a challenge.

neutral7 graphic design gainesville custom fabrication project wood dimensional installation
neutral7 graphic design gainesville custom fabrication project wood dimensional installation

The sculpture was constructed of plywood and MDO and it took about a week to make. The animation has 18 different blocks and took another few weeks to create and test.

neutral7 graphic design gainesville custom fabrication project wood dimensional installation

The sculpture was designed with multiple angles to showcase that the video is directed to each angle of the sculpture. It was created to explore the challenges and possibilities of a 3 dimensional object. When we asked Jimbo what his favorite thing about this project was, he said "I was just super stoked to learn how to do it and then work on a larger piece". The animated sculpture was first featured in the 2013 Gainesville Fashion Week Art show and is now a permanent installation for the Neon Liger at Spannk. Go check it out, and rage while you're there! (wink)

neutral7 graphic design gainesville custom fabrication project wood dimensional installation

*from wikipedia

This post was originally published on Tuesday, September 10, 2013.

Cultivating Creativity Part 1: Designers are everything designers and the crazy taco!

Cultivating Creativity Part 1: Designers are everything designers and the crazy taco!

All I wanted was a "taco loco"! 
Perhaps some people may be able to relate to this. Quite often people ask us about what drives our passion for design, and quite often the answer is the ability to see beauty and function beyond what other people see. In other words, we see the potential to make something average, beautiful... or even better, functional and beautiful. Having this passion for design is almost a free ticket to having the same curiosity for creativity. This being said, as communicators and graphic designers, and having the privilege of possessing such passion, it's hard to just limit our imagination to just graphic design. A good designer will make good design part of his and her life because the potential for beauty is everywhere. Beauty and Design is a lifestyle. Designers are everything designers. 

Ever since I can remember I've had a sense for color, sound and structure. Even further than I can remember actually. There is a family anecdote that often gets shared about me when I was a little boy, like two or three years old. I was barely speaking and I wanted a red blazer. My mother shares I would say "quiero un taco loco" in frustration and they would look at each other and say, "WTF?! Mijo, are you hungry? un taco de que?" and I would keep insisting with the "taco loco". After much frustration and possibly me pointing at a magazine or an album cover of the era they finally figured out I wanted a "saco rojo" which means a red blazer, I just couldn't say it! So my mom bought me a little tiny red blazer, and I walked around happy looking like a little school boy with a striped tie and everything. LOL!

This kind of sensitivity is key in being a designer. To us it's a lifestyle, it's been part of who we are as people ever since we can vaguely remember. 
It's important to cultivate this sensitivity for the world around us. We try to foster it and work it into the neutral7 culture in many ways. We mostly channel this energy through our internal projects and of course through the creative development we offer our clients. There are a few other things we do as well. A thing we call "personal project days" where we focus time and effort to make things that reflect ourselves as we share our passions through a project. There's also the #visualizewhatmatters poster project, Gainesville Fashion Week, The 1oz Project, where we have collaborated collectively as a team to produce shows within GFW, #doucmentarymondays, #tedtacotuesdays, and random things that pop up throughout the year.  
Look for upcoming projects we will be sharing. -Albey

This post was originally published on Thursday, September 05, 2013.

neutral7 Supports Equality Florida!

neutral7 Supports Equality Florida!

Neutral7 proudly sponsored the Equality Florida Gainesville Gala that took place last Saturday, May 4th at the Florida Museum of Natural History. The event drew over 250 guests with the shared goal of supporting Florida’s statewide gay, bisexual, and transgender equality group. 

The annual gala provides an opportunity to learn about the work Equality Florida is doing and helps fund efforts to make schools safe for LGBT students, end workplace discrimination, and gain legal protections for lesbian and gay couples and their children. Because of Equality Florida’s work, 64% of Florida students now attend schools with anti-bullying protections that specifically include sexual orientation, and 60% attend schools that specifically include gender identity protections as well. (

In addition to neutral7 sponsoring the event, Albey also served as a member of the host committee. The host committee helps to make the Gala a success by inviting supporters to the event to help raise funds. The goal this year was to raise $40,000 through sponsorships, donations, ticket sales, and a silent auction.  We would like to congratulate Equality Florida for hosting a wonderfully successful event and we are looking forward to continuing to support the cause in the future.

Preston Kinsey, Trace Crawford, and Albey at the Equality Florida Gainesville Gala (photo courtesy of Kara Winslow of Gainesville Today)

Preston Kinsey, Trace Crawford, and Albey at the Equality Florida Gainesville Gala
(photo courtesy of Kara Winslow of Gainesville Today)

Learn more about Equality Florida, the 4th largest LGBT statewide advocacy organization in the Nation here.

This post was originally published on Thursday, May 09, 2013.

neutral7 says don’t stash your stache!

neutral7 says don’t stash your stache!

neutral7 graphic design gainesville team about us moustache

A month of turkey basting and mustache-ing!  November, once considered “No Shave November” gets groomed into a support driven trendy facial craze - the mustache is back!  
Since 2004 and growing annually, Movember’s month-long event involves the growing of mustaches during November to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other male cancer initiatives.  
neutral7 takes the challenge and joins the support.  We are shaving down to mustaches for an entire month!  The sexy styling mustache will unite our efforts in raising awareness and support for increased early Prostate cancer detection, diagnosis and effective treatments, and ultimately reduce the number of preventable deaths.  
And of course, the ladies of neutral7 are helping too! " Mo Sistas play a vital role in supporting the journey. A kind word of encouragement, a wink or a smile of recognition can go a long way to helping a Mo Bro as he navigates the month of Movember." 

neutral7 graphic design gainesville team about us moustache

As we help contribute to this cause we officially become “Mo Bros” and “Mo Sistas” for the month. Fulfilling the walking, talking billboard responsibilities a true Mo Bro vows to for the next 30 days of November. 
neutral7 would like to encourage any other men or women interested in participating in the ultimate goal of changing the face of men’s health. 
For more information and details on this initiative visit
Learn more about Mo Sistas here.

This post was originally published on Thursday, November 08, 2012.

Connecting Business Through Art

Connecting Business Through Art

Latina Women’s League: your promotional marketing gets a neutral7 AWESOME! With great pride, neutral7 recognizes the Gainesville Latino Film Festival for bringing culture, art, and partnership to Gainesville.

We would like to spotlight the Gainesville Latino Film Festival for its successful strategic planning and promotion of their Opening Night Gala. By collaborating with many Gainesville businesses, they showcased the rich diversity of Latino/Hispanic culture and built awareness of the diversity we have within our business community.

neutral7 graphic design gainesville event latina women's league marketing fashion

The Latino Film Festival is produced by the Latina Women’s League; whose goal is to draw upon the experiences of Latina women living in the US and to highlight Latino culture in our community during Hispanic Heritage Month. This year's opening night featured a screening of "Past-Port: Cuba - The Search for Nicolita", a documentary by Cuban-American fashion designer Nicole Di Rocco. The evening also hosted a special fashion showcase featuring Nicole's latest swimsuit  line, in collaboration with GFW, Mode Salon and Joy Carmen Make-up Artistry. 

neutral7 graphic design gainesville event latina women's league marketing fashion

The Latina Women’s League succeeded in using an effective promotional marketing approach. Beyond the use of signage, an event program, and their website, they also collaborated with other events like Museum Nights: Hispanic Heritage at the Harn Museum and Gainesville Fashion Week 2013. Not only did many businesses receive qualitative exposure, the event itself successfully doubled in size from last year! The event brought together businesses, students, artists, and cultures, creating a platform that will grow beyond our city limits.

neutral7 graphic design gainesville event latina women's league marketing fashion

As a creative design group, neutral7 applauds the marketing efforts showcased through the Latino Film Festival’s branding, stylishness, and exposure. neutral7 not only sponsored and collaborated whole-heartedly, we live by the idea that greater awareness of our differences strengthens us as individuals as well as the overall community.
As our community grows with more innovation and style, events like this will continue to set the precedent for Gainesville and stronger business connections. We are proud to be a part of our community’s growth and we encourage and challenge other businesses and events to collaborate. When you collaborate, we all win!
Learn more about other Community Connector Events: 

This post was originally published on Saturday, September 22, 2012.

neutral7 turns 5!

neutral7 turns 5!

neutral7 graphic design gainesville event shop opening

On April 26 neutral7 opened our doors to the public to celebrate our 5th year in business. The party kicked off with a ribbon cutting hosted by the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce to celebrate our recent expansion. DJ Fimmel pumped out beats while guests enjoyed treats provided by Patticakes and Dragonfly Sushi.

neutral7 graphic design gainesville event shop opening
neutral7 graphic design gainesville event shop opening
neutral7 graphic design gainesville event shop opening


Guests had the opportunity to win prizes by spinning our “Wheel of Fortune.” Prizes included T-shirts, Buttons, Banners, and Bandit signs!

neutral7 graphic design gainesville event shop opening shirt
neutral7 graphic design gainesville event shop opening wall graphics
neutral7 graphic design gainesville event shop opening

We would like to thank everyone who came out to celebrate with us. We would also like to thank our wonderful clients who have helped make these five years possible. We look forward to celebrating another five years with all of you!

This post was originally published on Monday, May 07, 2012.

neutral7 Wins Local and District Addy

neutral7 Wins Local and District Addy

The Addy awards honor the best in advertising and cultivate the highest creative standards in the industry. Awarded by the American Advertising Federation, the ADDY® Awards are the nation's largest advertising competition — over 60,000 entries. Local entries are judged by a distinguished panel of advertising creatives from outside our market. Local winners proceed to the District and, potentially, to National competitions. This year neutral7 took home a silver Addy at the local and district level for our very own neutral7 sales kit. 

neutral7 graphic design gainesville brochure booklet printing
neutral7 graphic design gainesville award plaque

The entry will now proceed to the National level competition. Wish us luck!!

This post was originally published on Monday, April 23, 2012.