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New year, new palette

New year, new palette

neutral7 design group has been serving the North Florida area in graphic design, branding and print production for over 10 years. In that time, the aesthetic of the n7 brand has remained relatively consistent. With a simple palette of green, black and gray, the look has varied little over the years.
To celebrate a decade in business, we recently updated our brand identity. The goal is to reflect our passion for creative work, the diversity of our staff, and our unique efficiencies as an agency. We wanted to evolve, not change, retaining a familiar feel while creating a look that’s new and refreshing.

The focal point of the new logo is the lime green heart icon which has been present in materials throughout the history of the company in various forms. The heart embodies the spirit of our company vision:

Our passion is driven by the desire and commitment to help people achieve success in their journey to live better lives, live in a better world and share the joy of life with others.

White space is utilized heavily in the new brand alongside seven distinct color swatches signifying the multitude of products and services neutral7 offers. This gives an open and “airy” feeling to the materials and takes the focus from any one color in particular. This is especially helpful when presenting clients with a new design, as it allows us to make their materials the central focus. 

With a new, wider color palette and streamlined logo, we set out to develop a suite of materials to accompany these assets. We started from the ground-up, creating a collateral package centered around the colorful palette.

Alongside our printed materials, we created a new website to showcase our work, give voice to our company culture, and provide information regarding our products and services. Our web presence is driven by the palette, using color selectively to signify different sections of the site. We carried the same use of white space to bring in an element of clean, minimal design.

The interior design of the shop is heavily influenced by the assets established in the new brand. Our new space features huge, vaulted ceilings atop white textured brick walls. Naturally, we’ve used the huge white space as a canvas for colorful and inspiring artwork. This echoes the white-to-color balance seen in our collateral and other materials.


Sacred Geometry, Artwalk, and 352Creates

Sacred Geometry, Artwalk, and 352Creates

We have been at our new shop on South Main for a couple of months now and we are finally getting settled. After weeks of rearranging our furniture (and building some new stuff), we now feel at home in our new space. We have had a chance to explore the neighborhood (YAY! We can walk to Starbucks and Daily Green!) and we cannot be happier with our new surroundings. 

As sort of a kick off to more good things to come, we put on an art show as part of Artwalk Gainesville and 352Creates on February 26th. "Sacred Geometry: The Language of the Universe" consisted of artwork created and produced by our own team and also featured a few live painting demonstrations. We utilized our in-house production capabilities to quickly produce all the pieces for the show. Some materials that we used included acrylic panels, cut color vinyl, and stretched canvas prints. Our neighbors LEJ Pretzels offered tasty treats and Rabble Housers also had an open house on the same night.

Drishti - Rachel Smith  |  (Stretched Canvas Print)

Ontogenesis - Rick Bales  |  (Metal Print Series)

Hubble Deep Field - Albert Coronel  |  (Layered Acrylic Print)

Evolution Of Sense - Rick Bales  |  (Layered Acrylic Print)

Male/Female - Albert Coronel  |  (Stretched Canvas Print)

The Division - Rick Bales  |  (Stretched Canvas Print)

We are so excited to be a part of the growing community on South Main and we cannot wait to observe and participate in the continued development and rejuvenation of the area. We’ll be hosting more events soon, so please check out our facebook to stay posted on upcoming events!

Project Spotlight: “Let’s Walk Baby!”

Project Spotlight: “Let’s Walk Baby!”

Gators March for Babies (GMFB) is a collegiate fundraiser in support of the March of Dimes with the mission “to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.”

GMFB contacted neutral7 to help brand and promote their 2013 fundraiser. In meeting with the GMFB team, neutral7 learned that although it is one of the top three charity events at the University of Florida, the numbers of participants and money raised over the last couple years had declined. We learned that their previous materials lacked a central, clear message and did not engage participants to continue involvement once they initially signed up. neutral7 created the event branding as well as a marketing plan to help the GMFB team engage with participants.

The campaign was cohesively carried across printed materials, videos, and social media. The campaign was a great success; Gators March for Babies broke their record this year with over $100,000 raised.

neutral7 graphic design march of dimes marketing campaign
“The “Let’s Walk Baby” campaign gave Gators March for Babies the ability to unify our message and effectively communicate it to the entire University of Florida community. It helped ensure that all of our Staff knew exactly how to promote the event and it gave us the materials to back it up. The designs were perfectly suited to our market and were eye-catching to help us stand out in the competitive student community. We engaged more minority and international students than ever, and laid a great foundation from which to build upon in the future. We will always be competing with other campus events, non-profits, and of course football, however the campaign helped us compete for the students’ attention and kept us visible despite the competition.” 
– Kyle Croft, Community Director at March of Dimes

This post was originally published on Monday, February 17, 2014.
Photo Credits: Gators March For Babies

neutral7 Wins Local and District Addy

neutral7 Wins Local and District Addy

The Addy awards honor the best in advertising and cultivate the highest creative standards in the industry. Awarded by the American Advertising Federation, the ADDY® Awards are the nation's largest advertising competition — over 60,000 entries. Local entries are judged by a distinguished panel of advertising creatives from outside our market. Local winners proceed to the District and, potentially, to National competitions. This year neutral7 took home a silver Addy at the local and district level for our very own neutral7 sales kit. 

neutral7 graphic design gainesville brochure booklet printing
neutral7 graphic design gainesville award plaque

The entry will now proceed to the National level competition. Wish us luck!!

This post was originally published on Monday, April 23, 2012.