All I wanted was a "taco loco"! 
Perhaps some people may be able to relate to this. Quite often people ask us about what drives our passion for design, and quite often the answer is the ability to see beauty and function beyond what other people see. In other words, we see the potential to make something average, beautiful... or even better, functional and beautiful. Having this passion for design is almost a free ticket to having the same curiosity for creativity. This being said, as communicators and graphic designers, and having the privilege of possessing such passion, it's hard to just limit our imagination to just graphic design. A good designer will make good design part of his and her life because the potential for beauty is everywhere. Beauty and Design is a lifestyle. Designers are everything designers. 

Ever since I can remember I've had a sense for color, sound and structure. Even further than I can remember actually. There is a family anecdote that often gets shared about me when I was a little boy, like two or three years old. I was barely speaking and I wanted a red blazer. My mother shares I would say "quiero un taco loco" in frustration and they would look at each other and say, "WTF?! Mijo, are you hungry? un taco de que?" and I would keep insisting with the "taco loco". After much frustration and possibly me pointing at a magazine or an album cover of the era they finally figured out I wanted a "saco rojo" which means a red blazer, I just couldn't say it! So my mom bought me a little tiny red blazer, and I walked around happy looking like a little school boy with a striped tie and everything. LOL!

This kind of sensitivity is key in being a designer. To us it's a lifestyle, it's been part of who we are as people ever since we can vaguely remember. 
It's important to cultivate this sensitivity for the world around us. We try to foster it and work it into the neutral7 culture in many ways. We mostly channel this energy through our internal projects and of course through the creative development we offer our clients. There are a few other things we do as well. A thing we call "personal project days" where we focus time and effort to make things that reflect ourselves as we share our passions through a project. There's also the #visualizewhatmatters poster project, Gainesville Fashion Week, The 1oz Project, where we have collaborated collectively as a team to produce shows within GFW, #doucmentarymondays, #tedtacotuesdays, and random things that pop up throughout the year.  
Look for upcoming projects we will be sharing. -Albey

This post was originally published on Thursday, September 05, 2013.