Imagery is powerful. Color, texture and composition all have a drastic effect on the atmosphere of a space. Nowhere is this concept more poignant than the Liminal Bell project installed at UF Health Davis Cancer Pavilion.

The UF Health team came to neutral7 with a specific vision for the look and feel of their installation space. We got to work producing and installing a radiant, full color wall graphic featuring a lush bamboo forest. The perspective of the photography really opens the space, giving the impression that one could walk into the seemingly endless mist.

neutral7 design large format printing uf health wall graphics


"The word “liminal” is derived from the Latin “limen,” meaning “threshold.” At the completion of each patient’s cancer therapy, the patient is standing at the threshold of treatment and recovery. When patients ring the bell, it symbolizes transcendence into a life after cancer care."

- Daniel Stancampiano, UF Health


You can read more about UF Health and the Liminal Bell project here.

Photography Credits: UF Health