Check out the new colorful signage at Cabana Beach in Gainesville! neutral7 recently updated both the directional sign and the monument sign for Cabana Beach apartments.
This is a large complex so the first step was so update the directional sign to be easily read. We developed a system using the bright colors of the Cabana Beach identity to separate out the "beaches" or locations in the property. This was the perfect way to point drivers in the right direction. We even used their existing posts to mount the new MaxMetal sign faces to, so installation was a breeze.

neutral7 graphic design large format printing cabana beach apartments   directional wayfinding monument sign signage

We also had the chance to update their monument sign at the entrance to their complex for a fresh, modern look. This sign is seen by everyone who drives by so it had to be eye-catching. Our design included a structure that would frame the Cabana Beach logo and act as a lightbox to be illuminated at night.

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This post was originally published on Friday, June 17, 2011.